A HUNT has been launched for vandals who desecrated gravestones.

Purple and gold paint has been splattered over two headstones in Connah’s Quay Cemetery and eggs pelted around the graves.

Police discovered the vandalism at about 8.45am on Saturday after a concerned member of the public reported a disturbance.

Paint tins found at the scene have been tested by North Wales Police forensic officers.

Damaged items placed by the headstones in tribute to the deceased include a teddy bear and silk flowers.

Connah’s Quay councillor Bernie Attridge said: “It was a despicable act of mindless vandalism and it would have been heartbreaking to the families.

“The whole grave area had been targeted right down to the feet of the grave.
“About six or seven eggs had been thrown, as well as paint.”

Cllr Attridge, accompanied by Cllr Pam Attridge, who is his mother, community beat manager PC Paul Williams and PCSOs Sue Holmes and Dave Huxley, spent the rest of the morning cleaning up the site.

Cllr Attridge said: “We took cloths, scrapers, thinners and paint strip and the five of us scrubbed the graves, getting all the paint off.

“We are trying to contact the families to let them know what has happened, because there are personal items that have been placed within the graves that still have all the paint over them.”

Cllr Attridge added: “I’m so grateful to PC Williams and the other two PCSOs for their urgent intervention in contacting me so we could clean it off.”

Cllr Pam Attridge added: “When I received the call from my son, my heart sank.
“I just thought it was my own family’s graves that had been targeted. I was disgusted.

“Once I got to the graveyard and I saw it was someone else’s families’ graves, I could only help to try to clean the mess.”