AN ONLINE campaign has been launched to oppose the granting of city status to Wrexham.

Last year the Government announced it would be inviting new bids from towns across the UK to become cities to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee in 2012.

Although Wrexham Council has not yet even considered whether to make an application, there has been a number of calls for it to go ahead.

First to suggest a fresh bid was Wrexham MP Ian Lucas, who said in January: “I really believe Wrexham has a strong chance for a city status bid.

“Making such a bid would be a real boost to the town’s reputation and status and a major boost to the town’s economy.”

A Wrexham bid has since been endorsed by a number of visiting politicians including former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain and First Minister Carwyn Jones.

Town centre traders have also promised a bid would have their backing.

But a campaign has now been mounted by Hightown man Keith Williams to oppose any bid the council might make.

It was launched on Facebook just over a week ago and the group now has more than 300 members.

He said: “In a recent story in the Leader, Welsh Minister David Jones was quoted as saying he was a ‘local lad’ and would back city status. He is not a local lad as he was born in London.

“Other so-called celebrities who have been asked about this aren’t local either so have no right at all to give an opinion as they don’t live here.

“I bet they never took David Jones down Regent Street to see the empty shops or the very quiet People’s Market. It is always a very carefully planned route for our visitors.

“We should keep Wrexham a town or shall we ask all the celebrities to pay the massive increases in our rates becoming a city would mean?”

He added: “The rates would go up, goods in the shops would go up to pay them and we’d have to buy a Rolls Royce for the Mayor.

“People should be given all the facts about what city status would mean and then given a vote on it. It should all be down to people power.

“I only launched the Facebook site just over a week ago and I am delighted at the number of people who have become members.”