AN ANGRY councillor is pleading with teenagers to respect improvements made to a town.

Connah’s Quay councillor Brian Dunn says he is fed up with vandalism near the town’s new medical centre on Fron Road.

“In the last week or so there’s been a lot of damage,” he told the Leader.

“A wall near the medical centre has been knocked down and bricks have been thrown around. Plastic containers from bins have been put on the top of cars as well.”

The councillor thinks teenagers should use parks for skateboarding and cycling instead of congregating around the medical centre, which opened in July.

“What concerns me is we’re trying to improve the area,” he added.

“The new health centre has been built and we’re in the process of securing a walkway through from the High Street. I find it disgusting that they are wrecking the area.

“We know things still need to be done to improve the area, but I ask those involved to be more respectful.”

Fellow Connah’s Quay councillor Bernie Attridge agrees and is appealing for parents and shop owners to play their part in the town’s redevelopment.

“I’ve been made aware of damage at the rear of the precinct by youths using bricks as missiles,” he told the Leader.

“There’s also a problem with a build up of rubbish behind the shops, which are owned by a private developer.

“I ask parents to keep an eye on their children and know where they are. I also hope the owners of the precinct see the work that’s been done with the medical centre and play their part by improving the area around the buildings.”

Cllr Attridge said he urged anyone who witnesses vandalism in the town to report it to the police.