A FORMER heavyweight boxer is dropping into one of the region’s pubs for his Sunday lunch.

Frank Bruno will be visiting The Old Wine Vaults pub in Holywell this weekend to meet pubgoers and chat about his time in the ring.

The boxing champ will be the first in a series of sports stars to visit the pub for their new ‘Sporting Sunday Lunch’ events.

Alan Moore, who runs the pub with his sister Amanda Wallis, told the Leader: “We thought having Frank first would show we’re trying to get sporting stars from a wider spectrum rather than just football or rugby stars.

“We also hope to get footballers in from Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton, as well as rugby and cricket players.”

He added: “We’re not a food led premises, so the pub needs a bit of livening up on a Sunday afternoon, especially when there’s no sport on.”

Frank will be at The Old Wine Vaults on Sunday, September 5, from 1.30pm until about 6pm.

Entrance is by ticket only. Tickets can be purchased from the pub for £16.50.