A PREGNANT mother-of-two says she is devastated to be in a house which she claims is “falling apart”.

Sarah Marie Ward, 27, lives in a council house at Glan Gors, Caia Park, Wrexham and has major concerns about a leaking roof in her children’s bedroom and damp getting into the house.

She claims the conditions at the two bedroom house are making her two children, William, seven and Amy, one, ill.

“The damage is getting worse and my children are regularly ill,” she said.

“My son is asthmatic and my daughter catches the slightest chill and ends up with vomiting episodes quite regularly.”

Sarah thinks this is caused by the children’s bedroom being damp.

“Whenever it rains the water falls into my attic and there are holes in the roof which then leaks into my children’s bedroom,” she said.

“This creates further damp on the ceiling and leaves puddles on the carpet making the wet and cold room smell.

“I have holes in the roof and in one area you can see daylight outside – my roof is easy access for wildlife to get into.”

Sarah said a surveyor had been to the property and told her the whole block of houses needed drastic repairs.

She has completed a housing form to be rehomed and was given minimal points.

“I’m going to have a newborn baby in a damp house,” she said.

“How can I live in a very small two bedroom house that’s damp and falling apart with three children?”

Andy Lewis, chief housing and public protection officer said: “Miss Ward reported a roof repair in November 2009 and a visit was made by a repairs tradesman on the same day.

“A further report was made by the tenant in Juneof the roof still leaking and repair work was scheduled to be carried out.

“Miss Ward has recently reported damp in a bedroom. A surveyor visited her property and found that some ridge tiles were missing on the roof allowing water to enter the property, causing some damp.

“Arrangements have now been made to carry out the repair as a priority and we apologise to Miss Ward for any inconvenience caused .”