A DISTRAUGHT cat lover is warning owners to be on their guard after two of her own pets were ripped to pieces not far from her home.

Susan Allen, of Rhosddu, Wrexham, believes dogs in the neighbourhood could be to blame for the savage attacks which left both of her beloved rescue cats with fatal injuries.

Her year-old cat Lily was found disembowled but still alive behind her home in Ffordd Morganwg.

Mrs Allen, a nursing sister at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, said: “My first cat Lola, a tabby I got from Cats Protection, was killed 18 months ago.

“She had been through a rough time already after having six kittens while she was still very young and they had all died of cat flu. I thought she deserved a loving home.

“One day she just went missing. We looked all around the area but couldn’t find her.

“I then got a call from my neighbour who said she had taken her to the vet with some very bad injuries.

“I contacted the vet who said she had died virtually as soon as she got there.

“She had puncture wounds all over her abdomen and looked like she had been savaged by a dog.

“The vet also said it looked like a dog attack but couldn’t be sure.”

Mrs Allen added: “Soon afterwards I got another rescue cat, a one-year-old female we called Lily.

“She came to us with her brother, Dexter, which we still have.

“On August 5 she went missing from home and we went looking all around the estate for her.

“I couldn’t find her but back at home we heard some terrible screaming coming from the back of the house.

“I went out with my son and we saw Lily hunched down between the garage and the fence.

“She was still alive but obviously in a lot of pain.

“I picked her up and will never forget what I saw. Her bowel had been ripped out and was on the floor next to her.

“We called out the vet immediately but her injuries were so bad we knew she couldn’t live, so the vet put her to sleep.

“I still feel stunned by what has happened and just want to warn other cat owners in the area to be on their guard.

“It has been mentioned to me that someone in the area could deliberately be targeting my cats but I hate to think that’s the case.

“I have reported both attacks to the police and the RSPCA but I don’t think they can do much.

“It is up to owners themselves to be as vigilant as they can be. I would hate any other cat lovers to suffer like this.”