AT ST JOSEPH’S Catholic and Anglican High School the percentage of pupils achieving the GCSE Level 2 threshold is 75.7 per cent - an increase of 6.7 per cent on last year and some 14.7 per cent higher than the local average.

This tops the school's above-average Level 2 score for Wrexham for last year.

Whilst the local average for pupils achieving a Level 1 threshold stands at 91 per cent this year and in line with the figure for last year for the borough, students at St Joseph's have attained 97.3 per cent.

Whilst GCSE at grades A*-C stand at 59.2 per cent as a borough, the results for St Joseph's show that 80.78 per cent of GCSE's taken were passed at the higher grades of A*-C.

Headteacher, Maria Rimmer, said: "These fabulous results, combined with the school's commitment and contribution to the wider spiritual, personal and social development of its pupils show that St Joseph's really does add value to the education of its pupils.

“It is all too easy for sections of society to knock the worth and talent of young people of today, but I know with real certainty that these fine young people will go on to make a great contribution to the prosperity of Wrexham and its capacity to flourish as a strong and vibrant, caring community.

“I know, too, the tremendous support of parents and carers which underpins these results, and the contributions of our primary school partners in setting such firm learning foundations.”