OUTRAGED villagers are demanding the demolition of a house they say has become a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

Residents and community leaders in Pontybodkin are calling for Flintshire Council to step in and do something about the half-finished property.

They are sick of gangs of youths using the house to cause trouble.

Llanfynydd county councillor Hilary Isherwood said the property had been left half-built for more than 18 months by its owner, a builder.

She said: “This is a disgrace that the residents have had to put up with this. Teenagers have been getting in the back of the building and have been throwing bricks.

“Some of them have taken a pickaxe to get into the house after it was boarded up. It is ridiculous. They are making people’s lives a misery.

“I am hoping we can get this sorted. I have been trying to get the council to sort this out. I have been telling them time and again that something needs to be done.

“Children and young adults are coming in and trashing it and throwing stones. Flintshire Council’s enforcement department needs to start to enforce properly.”

Police have been called to the property on a number of occasions and during the most recent incident on Saturday night one man was detained and issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Residents say bricks from the property have been used to smash a nearby bus stop.

Jeff Jones and his wife who live nearby, he said: “I’m concerned about the mess and the fact youngsters come here and throw bricks.”

Jade Davies lives next to the unfinished home and her mother Pauline Bidwell, a community councillor in Treuddyn, said the issue was affecting not only her
daughter but the whole community.

She said: “It is dreadful. People are climbing to see if the builder has left any materials and walking through Jade’s garden.

“The support wall is already falling down and it is crumbling inside. Somebody is
going to get killed. It is a magnet for anti-social behaviour.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “We are aware of local concerns about the property and are currently considering the matter.”

The Leader was unable to reach the owner of the property for a comment.