IT APPEARS the mystery surrounding some strange signs that have appeared on Deeside has been solved.

The Leader asked readers to contact them with information relating to the mysterious ‘We Deserve Better’ signs that were placed on the roundabout on the approach to Zone Two of Deeside Industrial Estate.

An anonymous employee at Toyota claims the signs were placed there by staff at the car manufacturer.

The employee said: “It is the Toyota workers that have done it because of the way we have been treated. There has been a rumour going round for a while that someone was going to do this.”

The Toyota worker explained it was in response to the recent redundancy announcements and the fact that staff had spent 12 months on reduced pay and hours.

Up to 150 staff at the plant on Deeside Industrial Estate will be axed as part of wider cuts across the UK.

Around half of the cuts will be made through voluntary redundancy.

Staff only returned to full-time working in April, having spent a year on reduced hours and pay.

Almost 300 people have joined a Facebook group dubbed ‘Toyota UK Shop Floor Chimp’ where they have been venting their concerns about conditions at the plant.

But bosses at the Toyota factory, which is currently on a two-week summer shut down, say they are unaware of the signs.

The spokesman said: “We are not aware of any posters or any kind of protest. We don’t understand what a protest could be about anyway because with regards to redundancies we have had more requests for voluntary redundancy than we actually have available.”

Staff will find out on August 20 if they qualify for the voluntary redundancy package.