A WOMAN has been banned from keeping dogs and horses for 10 years after vets had to put down a Jack Russell found with a massive tumour between its legs.

RSCPA and Wrexham Council officers raided 68-year-old Florence Guest Williams’ caravan on Long Lane, Brynteg, on February 2 after concerns were raised about the welfare of animals being kept by her.

A Jack Russell dog called Billy, said to be in a “depressed” state was found inside a cage on a chain that, because it had become twisted and tangled, was only six inches long.

A large tumour visible between the dog’s legs, upon examination by vets turned out to be testicular swelling. As a result, the pet had to be destroyed. Visiting a few days later, RSPCA inspectors removed three dogs and a pony from the premises.

At Wrexham Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Williams was given a conditional discharge for causing unnecessary suffering to the dog.

She was told four of the six dogs she currently owns would be taken away as part of a deprivation order, as well as a horse.

Williams was given 21 days to rehome two remaining dogs herself.

She was also given a disqualification order banning her from keeping dogs or horses for ten years.

The court was told that, as well as dogs and horses, there were six cats living on the premises.

Defending, Alan Williams said his client had faced tragedy in her life, with animals providing comfort.

Four of her five children had been killed in a road traffic accident nine years ago.

Her husband had died some 10 years before that.

He said: “She had Billy for 17 years, since he was a puppy.

“The fact is he has not been given medical treatment as expeditiously as possible.

“Florence has kept dogs for a long time and I think she knew the condition he was in was something he wasn’t going to come back from.

“She put off the day and when the RSPCA came round the decision was taken out of her hands.”

Williams was also ordered to pay costs of £500.