A SPATE of arson attacks are putting lives at risk, it has been warned.

The summer months have seen Flintshire hit by a wave of deliberate fires targeting pallets on Mount Pleasant Road, Buckley and rubbish on Chester Road East in Shotton.

The latest incident bushes behind John Summers High School on Chester Road West, Queensferry were set alight just before midnight on Sunday.

Fire crews were called to all three blazes and fire chiefs and community leaders have condemned the arsonists.

Former firefighter Paul Cunningham, who also sits on Flint Town Council, said deliberate fires were a drain on resources.

He said: “It means sending crews out to deliberate things could take away from a job where they may be more urgently required.

“If it is a rubbish fire near a building there is a danger of it spreading and with a bush fire there is a danger it could spread to domestic properties.

“They are putting peoples’ lives at risk.”

Kevin Roberts from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: “Actions like this tie up resources that could be saving lives elsewhere and put the lives of the public and firefighters at risk.”