A RARE bird which took up residence in Flintshire appears to have emigrated across the border to England.

A member of the public, who has asked to remain anonymous, snapped the elusive purple gallinule on a private lake in Broxton, near Chester, on Wednesday.

The bird watcher is refusing to give away the exact location amid fears the area will be swamped by twitchers.

He said: “It’s on private property, but it certainly seems happy enough where it is,” he said.

The bird, also known as a purple coot, set up home on Balderton Brook in Saltney three weeks ago, but flew the nest at the weekend.

Bird enthusiast and county councillor Klaus Armstrong-Braun, however, insists the bird is now living in Mold. He said: “I know it’s in Mold because people have seen it.
The person I spoke to won’t say where it is exactly in case someone harms it, but it’s definitely somewhere in Mold.

“I’m just glad that it enjoyed itself so much in Saltney that it’s decided to stay in Flintshire.”

Opinion is divided as to whether the wader could have flown all the way from India or if it has escaped from captivity.

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