A HAVE-A-GO hero who was injured as he tackled robbers stealing £54,000 from his post office has been told he may now be liable for £9,000 of the money.

David Taylor is still suffering from concussion after being hit with a crowbar as took on raiders forcing their way into the post office in Crane Street, Cefn Mawr on July 16.

But he has since been back behind the counter every day.

He was shocked to receive a letter from his Post Office bosses which tells him that because of concerns that correct security procedures may not have been followed he could be liable for £8,835 of the amount stolen.

Mr Taylor, who served in the RAF for 10 years and took over the business in 2001, said the Post Office claims the door to the branch was left open while his wife Janine had the safe open.

He said: “The Post Office is highlighting a clause in my contract with them that says the door must be kept locked when not in immediate use.

“But it was a very busy day and I had just gone out into the shop side, so the door was only open for a split second.

“The robbers were in so fast I had no chance to do anything about it. I would have opened it anyway if someone had been pointing a gun at me.”

He added: “I couldn’t believe it when I got the letter from the Post Office but I wasn’t really surprised as it is an organisation which doesn’t seem to care much.

“I have a meeting with the Post Office on August 26 to put my side of the case and we will see what happens then. I’m still suffering from concussion and my wife, who was a real hero during the robbery, is traumatised by what happened but we will carry on here because we have built up a good reputation with our customers.

“We care about the community and they care about us – it’s one huge family around here.”

Mr Taylor said that although he did have the post office up for sale, he has now taken it off the market and is determined to stay.

In a statement Post Office Ltd said it took every incident of robbery extremely seriously.

It adds: “We act extremely sensitively throughout these distressing times and always offer support to our sub-postmasters and their families.

“However, at an appropriate juncture, it is important to discuss the details of such incidents with the sub-postmaster involved.

“In the case of Cefn Mawr, discussions between representatives of Post Office Ltd and our agent are ongoing and no final conclusions or decisions have been made.”

- On Monday Claire Rebecca Prince, 21, of Lawson Road, Wrexham, was charged with assisting Nathan White, who has also been charged over the incident by lying to the police about his whereabouts.

She was also accused at Wrexham Magistrates’ Court of buying a mobile phone for him.

Her case was committed to Mold Crown Court until August 20.White, of Stockwell Grove, Wrexham, was charged with robbery and possession of an imitation firearm and has been remanded in custody.

Carl Anthony Davies, 28, of Poyser Street, Wrexham, was also charged with robbery and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence.
Davies was remanded in custody until his next appearance on August 13.