AN AMPUTEE says he was “awestruck” to see a police car parked haphazardly in a disabled space in a library car park – because there were plenty of other spaces available.

Phillip McFadden, of Rhosddu, who lost a leg 48 years ago because of a congenital birth defect, took this photo after spotting the patrol car parked in the space at Wrexham Library car park.

He says he cannot understand why officers would need to park in that particular space at about 6.10pm on Monday, August 2, as there were many non-disabled bays available.

Mr McFadden said: “I could see the officers on the grass area in front of the Guildhall and they were just talking to some young adults.

“It certainly didn’t look like an emergency call.

“There were no lights flashing and siren. I went into the library and 10 minutes later when I came out they were gone again.

“I am a disabled parker – I have lost a leg – and I was just awestruck.

“It is not what you expect of the emergency services – you expect it from the general public, but not from those who are supposed to be upholding the law.”

Phillip is in the process of setting up a support group for amputees in Wrexham.

“As a disabled Wrexham resident often queuing to await a disabled parking space to become available so as to access public buildings within the town I find it galling that two perfectly fit police offices can take up a space and wheelchair access to an adjacent space depriving genuine disabled persons the opportunity of utilising to gain some sort of normal mobility,” he said.

“I do hope the officers concerned will make a public apology.”

Supt Rob Kirman said: “Under normal circumstances police vehicles would not park in disabled parking spaces.

“There are, however, occasions when police officers need to park quickly and safely to attend an incident or to speak to someone, as was the case when this photograph was taken.”