LIVES could be lost on a road because of reckless drivers, residents fear.

Community leaders say some drivers are travelling at more than twice the speed limit on Welsh Road in Garden City.

Concern is growing the road could see a repeat of deaths on nearby Sealand Road.

Sealand councillor Christine Jones said said lives could be lost.

She added: “Welsh Road is a danger road. Saturdays and Sundays are the worst.
They shoot through one after another.

“The fear is the same thing that happened on Sealand Road can happen on Welsh Road.

“We have had children who have been knocked down and broken their legs.

“If you are speeding you are taking a risk. People’s lives are at risk.”

One concerned resident told the Leader: “I was walking to the Spar in Garden City on Wednesday night at 10.15pm and I heard this car going at speed.

“I looked round and saw a car going at least 70mph in a 30mph zone.

“It was unbelievable. The police need to patrol here a bit more before one of these idiots kill someone.”

Cllr Jones said repeated attempts to get road markings placed on Welsh Road had been turned down by Flintshire Council

She said: “We have been refused any kind of road markings because it is not a suitable road for humps. They won’t do it.

“My message to them would be to slow down and save lives.”

Cllr Jones said there were issues on Sealand Avenue, which leads to Garden City Industrial Estate, but that road signs had improved the problem.

Meanwhile, a speed alert sign has been placed on Farm Road, off Welsh Road near Sealand Primary School.

Cllr Jones said: “I have been asking for this for a while. I am hoping this will go some way to help. It can’t do any harm.”

She also praised local police officers in their work and Flintshire’s road safety unit which provides education to schools and colleges about dangers on the road.