MEET Rustle and Cosmo – the have-a-go heroes who would make the Three Billy Goats Gruff proud.

The brave animals charged into action when a dog appeared poised to attack a miniature Shetland pony at a horse sanctuary.

In an incident which may be connected to the attack on sheep in nearby Bradley, a husky-type dog began stalking 28-inch-tall Lenny the pony at the HACK sanctuary off Park Road, Llay.

But plucky rescue goats Rustle and Cosmo came dashing to his aid.

After being charged by the fearless duo, the dog – much like the troll in the famous fairy tale – took flight.

Sanctuary trustee and volunteer Jane Lloyd had taken her two small godchildren, Eli, three, and Ben, six months, to the sanctuary to see two new chickens.

She said: “My attention was caught by a dog stalking low in the long grass. It was a husky type and as it got nearer I became afraid for the safety of the children and picked up the garden fork.

“Then I realised it was Lenny the dog was focused on. I didn’t know whether to leave the children and protect Lenny or what.

“The matter was taken out of my hands when Rustle and Cosmo, our two goats whom I had previously put out in the paddock came dashing around the corner, heads down charging towards the dog.”

The dog fled into a lane but sanctuary volunteers were unable to see any owner.

Jane said: “There was no one about at all.”

She added: “I was absolutely amazed at the goats’ reaction and am very proud of them.

“We had rescued them a few years ago and I look after them. They have big horns so I certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of them.”

Despite Rustle and Cosmo’s bravery Jane says she is worried about the dog returning to the sanctuary, which is also home to sheep, chickens, pigs and a donkey.

She said: “The police have been informed and I would ask anyone who knows to whom the husky dog belongs to please come forward.”