A WORRIED resident is demanding action to stop up to 300 buses a week squeezing their way through a quiet area.

Sharon Griffiths claims many of the 52-seater vehicles on Arriva’s busy number 13 route have to mount the pavement as they battle to negotiate narrow residential roads in Garden Village, Wrexham.

Mrs Griffiths says the new service, between Brymbo and Wrexham Industrial Estate, started just after Easter.

After heading along Osborne Road the buses reach the junction of Balmoral Road and Sandway Road, which is where she claims they are mounting the pavements to get through.

Mrs Griffiths said: “The roads are just too narrow and when the buses meet traffic coming the other way they are having to drive up on to the pavement.

“To let the buses through residents have started parking their own cars partially on the pavements, which leads to many dangerous blindspots.

“If a child ran out in front of them my fear is that the buses would not be able to avoid missing them.”

She added: “This is going on all the time. There are four buses an hour, from 5.30am until 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday – that’s over 300 buses a week.

“Myself and other people from the area who are concerned about the situation carried out our own survey by going around and knocking on doors.

“The results show that 73 per cent are not in favour of the number 13 bus, 17 per cent are in favour and 10 per cent not bothered either way. We have had meetings arranged with Arriva to discuss the situation but these keep being cancelled.”

Michael Morton, managing director of Arriva Buses Wales, said: “We are currently holding talks with relevant parties and an update meeting has been arranged for later this month."