A GRIEVING son is demanding answers after ornaments on his father’s grave went missing.

Richard Purviss, 34, from Connah’s Quay, is concerned over the disappearance of novelty items from Thomas Purviss’ graveside at the Number Two Hawarden Cemetery on Cross Tree Lane.

He said it was not the first time the grave had been damaged.

Richard, of Lôn Celyn added: “We can’t afford a headstone so we have a wooden cross instead.

“I superglued a plastic angel to the cross which has mysteriously disappeared.

“I also glued a plastic squirrel to the cross because my dad liked wildlife but that has gone missing too.

“We did have a vase of flowers but that was left shattered so we had to use an empty bottle instead.

“God knows what the people think when they walk past the grave.”

Mr Purviss was 84 when he died six years ago after a battle with cancer.

Richard and his mother Judith, 69, make a fortnightly visit to the grave on foot because neither are able to drive.

He believes grass-cutting at the cemetery is to blame for the damage. Richard said: “I have told the council not to cut the grass near my dad’s grave and I will do it myself.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “We are aware of Mr Purviss’s concerns.
“A cemeteries officer visited the cemetery this morning to check the grave and found the plastic angel to still be in place.

“The teddy bear which was secured with tape was on the floor at the bottom of the cross. It is more than likely that the tape was weathered.

“The grass is cut once a fortnight, but the grass cutting team, in consideration of Mr Purviss’s concerns, are careful not to strim right up to the cross on the grave.

“In maintaining our cemeteries we do try to be as sensitive to people’s needs and expectations as we can, however, our cemetery regulations do state that only one vase is allowed on a grave and that it should be placed at the head of the headstone.”