PENSIONERS were left without hot water for three days after a leak knocked out their supply.

Residents of the high-rise Bolingbroke Heights and Richard Heights flats and the Leas maisonettes in Flint were unable to wash properly from Tuesday morning until last night.

As workmen located a leaking pipe yesterday, water supply to one maisonette was cut off completely.

Meanwhile, the electricity supply needed to pump hot water around the buildings also failed.

Contractors were working around the clock to rectify the problem.

Don Doran, chairman of the Bolingbroke and Richard Heights Residents Association, said the residents were doing their best to cope.

The 72-year-old told the Leader: “There’s not a lot we can do about it.

“The problem is you get used to having hot water, but like I tell people, in the old days you didn’t even have hot water, you had to boil a kettle.”

Another resident said: “There are a lot of older people live here and we can’t have a wash or anything.”

Ward member Alex Aldridge met council chiefs yesterday to assess the situation.

He said residents had been patient given the difficult circumstances.

Cllr Aldridge added: “Some tenants are very concerned but they understand that the council is doing its level best to fix the problem.

“They have got to understand that these flats are almost 50 years old and are bound to encounter some problems.

“People have been very tolerant but they are just eager to get a shower or a basic wash and get out and do their shopping.

“If you are seen to be making an effort and there are people on site then they understand.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said yesterday: “The heating system and hot water supply to Bolingbroke Heights, Richard Heights will be off while repairs to a leak in the system are carried out.

“Tenants are being informed of the situation and we offer our apologies for any inconvenience while the repair work is carried out.”

Last night a spokesman added: “Repair work is progressing and final checks are currently being made. It is hoped that the hot water and heating systems will be restored at some point this evening to all but two maisonettes. The two maisonettes should have their heating and hot water restored tomorrow.

“Tenants have been made aware of the problems and we thank them for their continued patience whilst we address the repairs.”