COUNCIL bosses say they will support moves to reinstate a popular bus service.

Buses stopped using the route through Wrexham High Street street last year because of congestion problems caused by cars using the street illegally.

The street is semi-pedestrianised and limited to buses, blue-badge holders’ parking and loading at certain times.

Traders have complained the loss of the buses has hit them hard and now John Bradbury, Wrexham Council’s chief environment officer has said the local authority will support ‘wherever possible’ bus operators who want to return to the street.

Cllr Marc Jones, of Whitegate ward, is calling for bus companies, traders, blue-badge holders and bus users to work together on the issue.

He said: “Everyone needs to have an input so we get the best possible deal.

“I've spoken to the owner of one of the bus companies that withdrew its services from High Street due to regular delays in the service caused by traffic congestion.

“He has confirmed that his bus company would return to the High Street if there were changes to the parking arrangements to ensure smooth passage of buses.

“That’s certainly one option and it’s clear that the status quo is not working because of the amount of through traffic still using High Street.”

A meeting of all High street shopkeepers and traders will be held in September.