FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning to members of the public after being called to five incidents on the same day involving cooking being left unattended.

Crews from Wrexham were called to a house on Francis Road in Moss at 1.20pm on Monday after unattended cooking filled a house with smoke.

A more serious incident was averted when an 11 year-old girl raised the alarm when she heard smoke detectors going off in the house.

Later that day, just after 7.10pm, crews were called to a kitchen fire at a house on Park Road, Coedpoeth, caused by a chip pan being left unattended.

Resident Henry McKee had fallen asleep and was woken by a smoke alarm, which community safety manager Paul Scott said saved his life.

On the same day, crews in North Wales were also called to two incidents in Rhyl and one in Holyhead.

Mr Scott said: “We are attending far too many incidents involving cooking left unattended, especially chip pans. People must take note – oil can overheat in a few minutes and cause the pan to ignite. Fire catches hold quickly, and can cause devastation to lives and property.

“Fortunately, most of the incidents yesterday featured properties with working smoke alarms which enabled people to make an early escape before the smoke overwhelmed them.

“It could have been much worse.

“Time and time again we tell the public about the dangers of leaving cooking unattended but we still receive calls to such incidents.

“People are putting their own lives at risk.

“We know the dangers, so please take note and get rid of your chip pan – thermostatically controlled deep fat fryers are a far safer option.

“But safer still is buying ready made chips.”