NEIL YOUNG today hopes that Blues fans can keep their feet firmly on the ground.

The Chester boss believes his side is still three or four weeks away from becoming a finished article and insists the Blues league campaign will be far from easy.

But Young admitted he had been pleased to see his side secure a convincing 4-0 home victory yesterday against a young Wigan Athletic team at the Deva Stadium.

He said: "I know a lot of people at Chester think this season is going to be a cake walk, but it's going to be far from that.

"At the end of the day people are entitled to their opinion. But I know how difficult our league will be and I'm not playing it down to take the pressure off me, but this won't be an easy league.

"Fylde have made five signings from Fleetwood this week and I know the quality of those players and believe me, Fylde will be a formidable side.

"The fans expect and I hope they have seen again against Wigan what we can do.

"We still made a lot of errors, particularly in the first half against Wigan and we need to improve.

"I'm not surprised how quickly the side has gelled because we've brought in a lot of good players - good experienced lads.

"A lot of homework has gone into bringing these lads to the club, and when Andy Burgess became available we had to dive in and get him.

"I know a lot about the lads who I have brought in. I have worked with them before or I've known about them, so it's not just a case of me getting lads into the club off the cuff.

"We've brought the group together, we've worked very hard behind the scenes, but I still think we're quite a way off from being the finished article, but hopefully that can be addressed over the next three or four weeks.

"I've got a few tough decisions to make in the next few weeks.

"I had one or two trialists involved against Wigan, but we haven't yet used Steven Beck and haven't yet got him on paper, but we have got a verbal agreement.

"We've got Andy Burgess, Rob Sharrock, Danny Mahoney and Richie Foulkes in our squad who didn't play against Wigan, but I'd rather have them in my squad than be still scouring the place for players."

Young watched Michael Wilde, Ollie Ryan, Rob Hopley and George Horan accounting for Chester's goals in yesterday's comprehensive victory against a young Wigan team watched from the sidelines by ex-Blues players Graham Barrow and Roberto Martinez.

Young said: "We played well and managed to get the ball down and play against a young Wigan side.

"I thought Wigan bossed us a little bit during the opening 20 minutes and I wasn't happy about that, but once we worked out how to stop them from getting out from the back I then thought we were probably a little bit too strong for them.

"Winning games is a good habit to get into, but these games are only friendlies and the real stuff starts in a few weeks time.

"I think our next three friendlies are more like what we are going to be playing when it comes to the real McCoy.

"I can understand people's excitement and it's good to see big crowds coming to watch us when the Chester Races are taking place just down the road."

"An important aspect of the Wigan game was that we managed to keep a cleansheet once again.

"We've only conceded once in our last four games, and we've scored 13 goals, and all in all I thought it was a good performance against Wigan."