LIFE-saving medical equipment has been stolen from a minibus belonging to Wrexham Football Club.

The defibrillator, worth about £1,500, was taken from when the  vehicle  was parked at the club’s training ground at Colliers Park in Gresford.

Those responsible got into the vehicle by removing the windows, according to head groundsman Paul Chaloner.

He said there had been other incidents of criminal damage at the club including a tap being smashed and windows being broken.

Speaking about the defibrillator being stolen, Mr Chaloner said: “It’s an expensive piece of medical equipment. It’s a terrible thing to happen, we can’t afford to replace it.”

The machine is used to deliver a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to people suffering a heart attack.

Mr Chaloner said he believes it was stolen by youngsters who have been seen messing around and causing damage. Other items stolen included balls and bibs from the minibus and the building was also broken into.

The club’s head of youth Andy Davies said the incidents have been happening over the past month but there had been no problems before that.

“It’s petty crime,” he said. “It’s causing us concern because people are obviously around here causing damage and we’re having to put it right.”