A YOUNG man who punched another man to the face and stole his mobile phone in the street has received a custodial sentence.

Christopher Roberts, 20, of Y Wern, Wrexham, admitted robbing a young man who had mental health problems and learning difficulties.

Mold Crown Court heard the victim was walking with a friend in Crescent Road, Wrexham, on March 3.

Karl Scholz, prosecuting, said he was speaking on his mobile telephone when he suddenly felt a blow to the side of his face.

He dropped his phone and he saw Roberts, who he recognised from junior school, pick it up and run off.

Roberts denied being involved but was later picked out during an identification procedure.

Judge Philip Hughes imposed a 10-month sentence for the robbery and a consecutive eight months for a separate incident of affray and possessing an offensive weapon, which he also admitted.

Roberts also received an additional three months for a shed burglary, making 21 months youth custody in all.

The judge said Roberts had stolen a mobile phone by using force on his victim.

A boy of 15 who admitted the affray and burglary offences was placed on a 12 month youth rehabilitation order with intensive supervision and surveillance.

He must remain indoors for the next three months between 8pm and 6am under an electronically tagged curfew.

The judge also made a 12 month restraining order in respect of the boy, who cannot be publicly identified, which bans him from entering the Caia Park area of Wrexham.

The judge said both were persistent offenders.