A TEARFUL woman has been remanded in custody before sentence after a court heard how she threatened to kill a doctor.

Animal lover Sheila Diane Jones, 49, wrote letters to say once her pet cat died she would kill him.

Jones, of Princess Avenue, Buckley, admitted threatening to kill the doctor between March last year and July 15 this year.

Flintshire magistrates said it had been a difficult decision but she would be remanded in custody pending sentence and ordered a psychiatric assessment.

Jones cried and called out: “What about my dog and my cats?”

The Mold court heard Jones was unhappy that she had been discharged by the community mental health team based at Pwllglas, Mold.

In March of last year she wrote a letter in which she threatened to get him and said it would be so easy once her cat had died.

Then earlier this month she said that she would “do life”. “It is worth it.”

All she had good in her life was her cat and after the pet had died: “I will not care about anything.

“I will end your sad life before I go. I really hate you. I have never hated anyone more than I hate you.”

The doctor was concerned that with her personality disorder she might believe her actions would be justified and could carry out the threats, said Susan Duncombe, prosecuting.

When police were alerted, Jones was arrested and she continued to tell them she would kill the doctor and the world would be a better place without him.

She said she had only met him three or four times but hated him because she blamed him for discharging her.

Phillip Marshall-Thomas, defending, said she had not intended to carry out the threat and had not appreciated the seriousness of what she was doing. It had been done to frighten the doctor.

Jones felt she had been receiving positive help from the community mental health team and came to rely upon a weekly visit from a psychiatric nurse.

But the service was suddenly taken away from her and she felt rejected by the system at a time when she needed assistance.

Mr Marshall-Thomas said Jones was a lonely and isolated woman who was concerned about her pets if she was remanded in custody.