A LITTLE boy who lost all his Crusaders gear in a fire has had the smile put back on his face by the rugby Super League club.

Rhys Davies, who lives in Plas Madoc with his mum Karen and dad Tony, was left in tears after the family car was gutted in a suspected arson attack earlier this month.

The seven-year-old’s Crusaders kit, scarf, hat and flag were all destroyed in the blaze.

Mum Karen got in touch with the club to see if there was anything they could do and Rhys will now lead out his beloved team on Sunday against Salford City Reds.

Speaking about the arson she said:“ We didn’t know anything about it. I woke up in the morning to take my husband to work and Rhys to school to find that our car had been completely gutted.

“We were absolutely devastated. All of Rhys’ Crusaders gear was in the car, his Crusades kit, scarf, hat and flag.

“I was devastated because I need my car for work. I am a home carer so obviously I do a lot of travelling. But Rhys was in tears. He’s a massive Crusaders fan and was distraught when he learnt all his things had been destroyed in the fire.

“I just sent an email asking the club if it was ok for Rhys to come and watch his favourite team play even though everything was lost in the car. I was in total shock when the club emailed back saying Rhys could be mascot for the Salford game.

“Rhys was so excited, he just started running around the house, screaming and shouting, he just couldn’t believe it.

“It has made all his dreams come true.”

The club has also agreed to give Rhys new Crusaders merchandise.

Mike Turner, commercial director of Crusaders said: “When we heard Rhys lost all his Crusaders gear in the fire, we knew we had to do something to help.

“We offered to replace everything he had lost in the fire, but because of the circumstances, thought it would be brilliant to give him something special.

Ahead of Sunday’s match, Rhys and his mum got to meet staff at the Racecourse Ground, as well has having his picture taken with Crusaders star Tony Martin.