THIS is Nikki Giles – the woman hoping to give green-fingered enthusiasts their own taste of The Good Life.

Organic food fans can swap their time for produce as Flintshire bids to be one of the first counties in Wales to run an innovative gardening project.

The community-supported agriculture scheme would let members have a say on how their food is grown.

And with the chance to grow vegetables, harvest fruit, to keep bees and rear animals, an idyllic country lifestyle could be on your doorstep.

Organic horticulturist Nikki, 50, who studied at the Welsh College of Horticulture in Northop, has been recruited by rural regeneration agency Cadwyn Clwyd to kick-start the scheme.

She said: “This is my dream come true. It can be run on a voluntary basis or a farmer could set aside a piece of land and farm it.

“There is no fixed way of doing it. Usually there is a workshare available; you can pay for your share with labour or pay for it with money. This will be one of the first in Wales.”

With the rising cost of fuel Nikki said imported food is set to become more expensive over the next 15 years.

Projects such as this will help to provide a framework for sustainable locally produced products.

It enables consumers to work with the farmer or grower to produce food in a way all parties are happy with, sharing risks as well as the harvest.

Nikki, from Loggerheads, said: “The people involved get fresh, local food and the opportunity to be hands on. This gives you a feeling of connection to the land, pride in the food jointly produced and an insight into the ups and downs of farming.

“There are social benefits in meeting like-minded people and having social events on the land.

“This can work for everyone, whether you are a landowner, a farmer, a grower or a potential customer.”

Nikki is still deciding where to set up the project and is keen to hear from anyone with useful land or who would like to take part.

For details call 01352 810622 or email