RETAILERS fear their livelihoods could be threatened after a crackdown on illegal parking.

Police and council enforcement officers in Wrexham are taking tough measures to deal with people flouting parking regulations on the town’s High Street.

They were responding to concerns raised by the town centre forum.

But Tony Williams, of the Beach beauty and tanning salon in High Street, said his takings and those of a number of nearby businesses had plummeted since the police launched an enforcement and education scheme in the area some weeks ago.

Mr Williams is calling for Wrexham Council to look at making revisions to the rules, such as relaxing some of the restrictions after 5.30pm, to help encourage trade back without falling foul of the law.

He said: “There are already plenty of empty shops in Wrexham and I am worried there will be more to come if this keeps up.

“The whole thing needs to be looked at. So many businesses are suffering.”

John Bradbury, Wrexham Council’s chief environment officer, said: “Last week we were contacted about re-establishing a bus service along High Street to help traders on High Street and in the Butchers’ Market.

“In order to try to achieve this it is essential the only cars parked on High Street are those which are entitled to be there. Clearly we cannot please all the traders at the same time but I would remind everyone that these restrictions have been in place since 2000 and we welcome the police’s actions in warning motorists they are flouting the law.

“There are lots of car parks in and around the town centre that most people are happy to use if they are not travelling by bus.”

Outlining the police’s stance, Inspector Alex Goss said: “This is an ongoing operation. It is not just about enforcement it also involves educating people about
the regulations in place."