A MAN is calling for answers after being sent someone else’s financial details through the post.

Nathan Griffiths opened a letter addressed to him to find a credit card statement from the Co-Operative Bank.

The Flint resident, who does not bank with The Co-Operative, was able to read details of spending by a man living in Cheadle, as well as his address and account number.

Mr Griffiths, 35, said: “In the envelope window was my name and address and inside was another man’s name and address, which sounds nothing like mine.”

He said he had tried to get in touch with the Co-operative Bank but kept being put on hold.

After the Leader contacted the bank Mr Griffiths received a phone call to tell him a thorough investigation would be carried out.

He said: “People tend to blame the postal system when mail gets delivered to the wrong address but there’s no way this is their fault.

“They think the statement came from a closed bank account but if that’s the case none of the data should still be on the system.

“It’s still not good enough really, it’s his home address and personal details they’ve sent me.”

The Co-operative Bank is going to send Mr Griffiths an envelope to return the statements, which contain details of transactions from 2007.

A bank spokesman said: “Data protection is something we take very seriously as a financial services organisation. We are looking into this and the statement appears to relate to a closed account.

“We have been in touch with the person who received the statement to recover it. It is going to take a few days to get to the bottom of what has happened.”