A WOMAN has hit out after sewage, including human faeces was allowed to fester outside her block of flats for two days.

Lynsey Rowlands, of Wheatsheaf Lane Flats, Gwersyllt, said the situation was a potential health hazard and should have been dealt with as a priority.

Miss Rowlands said the waste escaped from the sewage system as a result of the floods which hit the Wrexham area last week.

She added: “The smell was the first thing that alerted me something was wrong, it was terrible.

“All this disgusting mess was deposited outside the flats at the main entrance. It included used toilet paper, vomit, stools and condoms.

“People coming into the flats from the pavement had to be very careful where they walked. It was absolutely packed at the front.

“The really terrible thing is the length of time which it took to get everything cleared. It was two days before anyone came round and that is awful.”

Fred Czulowski, landlord services manager for Wrexham Council said: “Both housing and environmental staff as well as equipment were deployed to deal with problems caused by heavy rainfall and flooding.

“The council’s priority is to make sure highways, roads and our tenants are safe. Any problems relating to sewage should be reported to the person’s water provider.”

A team from Welsh Water was eventually sent to deal with the situation. A spokesman for the company said: “We were alerted to flooding at Wheatsheaf Lane Flats, following very heavy rain.

“We have had a large number of flooding reports and clean-up work was carried out on a priority basis.”