A FORMER drug addict who hit rock bottom is now helping others break the cycle of addiction.

Father-of-three Rob Evison, 31, of Flint is offering support, friendship and outdoor activities to ex-addicts aiming to turn their lives around.

After recovering from a five-year addiction to heroin and spells in prison Rob said he now wanted to help others.

He said: “I suffered from heroin addiction from the age of 16 to 21 but I managed to turn my life around. I was in the vicious circle of going to prison coming out and going straight back in again. I hit rock bottom.

“Taking drugs is not a life. It is being on your own and shutting things out. I did everything myself. I decided myself to stop using the drugs. When I gave it up there was not the help that is available now.”

Rob, who has just celebrated his first wedding anniversary, has set up the Recycle Your Life project which meets once a week in Shotton.

He said: “I have been told the group is a fantastic idea and I should keep going with it. It is about getting the support and what the group members want – it has to come from them. The group is for people who are stable and off drugs if they are struggling with anything.

“Most of them are afraid of stepping out of the door because of getting victimised. It will help people get through their problems. If people do not get help it is hard for them to get over their addiction.”

The group is now looking for funding in order to get involved in projects such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and other outdoor activities.

Rob said: “I’m very proud of myself knowing how far I have come. I wouldn't have dreamt of it. It is in me now to help other people. I have a happy family life now and things are moving forward.”

The group meets once a week in Shotton and is asking for volunteers or for anyone needing help to get in touch.

For more information call 07743947884.