A DOG walker who got stuck in quicksand on a beach is calling for improved safety measures.

Kathleen Wood from Muirfield Road in Buckley was walking with her husband Peter and their black labrador Dylan along Talacre beach when she became trapped in the sinking mud.

Mrs Wood, 64, said: “I was walking towards the sea and it was getting a bit wet, but I though it was ok.

“I then stepped on another bit and I just started sinking. Before I knew it I was up to my knees and my elbows. I kept trying to move my feet, but they were stuck.

“I was thinking ‘I can’t get out’ and I was starting to panic.”

After a struggle Mrs Wood eventually managed to pull herself out, but lost her shoes in the process.

She added: “My husband was shouting at me to step backwards, but I couldn’t. I’m not quite sure how I got out, but I think I must have balanced my weight by leaning forward.

“I was absolutely plastered in mud and it was the thick, black stuff.”

She is now calling for warning signs to be installed at the beach.

Mrs Wood added: “If it had been a child or a small person they would never have got out.

“My biggest concern is that it’s the school holidays now and children will be playing on the beach. I want to warn people of the dangers. This is a really serious matter.”

Warning signs are installed at the beach car park, but not on the sand.

Mrs Wood added: “We parked in the town and walked up to the beach, like a lot of people do, so we didn’t see the signs.

“We only went because it was a nice day and we wanted to take the dog on the beach, but I would never go back again.”