CONCERNED residents and community leaders believe a proposed road development could create a ‘rat run’ for speeders.

Buckley householders are worried their safety will be put at risk by the road link, which could see Elfed Drive used as a link road between Mold Road and Alltami Road.

Given outline permission in 1989, the application is due to be considered by the planners on July 28.

The plans are part of an application by Persimmon Homes to build 89 properties near Field Farm Lane.

Buckley councillor Carol Ellis said the road link would put lives at risk and believes efforts to provide a safe walking route to schools in the area will be put at risk.

She told the Leader: “Children make their way through the drive to Southdown Primary School and Elfed High School. It’s a very busy safe route to walk to school and many pensioners and disabled residents use the route as well.

“I don’t know why we should be held to ransom for a decision made in 1989.”

Elfed Drive resident Steve Hamspon told the Leader he thought the plan was ‘ridiculous’.

He said: “The council were crowing about their safe routes to school (policy) and now they are proposing to put more traffic on Elfed Drive. “Where’s the logic there?”

Community leaders also fear linking the roads will increase traffic on Alltami Road.

Buckley councillor David Ellis added: “I can’t understand the logic behind linking both roads together. They are country roads and not designed to sustain heavy traffic.”

Flintshire Council have been conducting a traffic impact assessment to help them decide whether the road is necessary, but residents are sceptical about the results of the assessment.

Mr Hampson said: “How can you assess traffic impact when the road isn’t even open?

Derek Kirby, head of highways strategy at Flintshire Council said: “We do not have the results of the survey yet. A report is expected to be provided to officers in August.”