A HOUSEHOLDER returned home to find raw sewage leaking into his downstairs bathroom.

Drains on Chester Road in Pentre overflowed after unseasonal weather hit the region on Tuesday.

William Cornford, 57, discovered the sewage coming up from a manhole cover in his utility room and spurting from the base of the toilet.

Now Mr Cornford is calling for a solution to the problem and is taking the matter up with his MP.

He told the Leader: “This has happened two or three times in the last 10 years.

“Welsh Water have told me to claim on household insurance for the damage, but I’m worried my insurance will then cost me more in the future.

“We’ve had to put the washing machines and fridge freezer on the lawn and thrown out all the food.

“It’s going to cost a lot of money to sort out.”

Mr Cornford is concerned about health risks future flooding may cause.

And neighbour Claire Owr is worried her baby daughter, Isabel, may catch an illness from the sewage if the drains flood again.

She said: “Our garden was flooded right up to the back door and would have come in our house if Welsh Water hadn’t turned up when they did.”

Welsh Water have cleaned up Mr Cornford’s house with disinfectant, but he says he wants the company to do something to prevent further flooding in the future.

He said: “You could see things floating in the sewage.

“We have to get a new washing machine and freezer and replace the flooring.

“The worry is that when we replace everything it will just get flooded again.

“The major problem is having the drains so close to the house when the houses are lower than the gardens.

“I am going to speak to (Alyn and Deeside MP) Mark Tami about the flooding and am also going to speak to a solicitor.”

He added: “We had to put a ladder across the sewage for our cat to walk over.”

A spokesman for Welsh Water said: “We attended the property at Chester Road on Tuesday evening following reports of internal flooding which occurred during the heavy rain the area experienced.

“We are in the process of investigating the cause of this incident and will keep our customers fully informed of our findings.”

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