AN ALCOHOLIC who put his hands around his partner’s throat has been warned he could face jail.

Glen Ping, 53, formerly of Prince of Wales Avenue in Buckley but now of Walden Crescent in Chirk admitted an assault charge following the incident on July 5.

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report with all options, including custody to remain open.

The court was told he was an alcoholic who had mental health problems.

Matthew Ellis, prosecuting, said victim Christine Richards told police Ping had squeezed her throat for about two minutes.

She said he had assaulted her before, that she could not put up with it any more, and that she wanted him out of the house.

Ping was found about 20 minutes later in a dark lane off Spon Green.

He said he was sorry for what he had done.

It turned out Ping had broken a bone in his right hand after punching a telephone box.

Mr Ellis said Miss Richards had been to bingo at Buckley Working Men’s club, which was across the road from where they lived.

At 11pm a member of staff said Ping had been on the phone and said he had been watching her.

She could tell he had been drinking and asked him what the matter was, but he followed her to the bar and had a couple of drinks.

He was staggering as he left and back at the house she found the front door wide open, as he had left it when he went to the club.

Ping accused her of spreading rumours about him, made other accusations and began swearing at her.

It was then that he put both hands around her throat and started to squeeze, saying “tell me the truth”.

Hannah Meredith-Jones, defending, said Ping suffered from alcoholism and had mental health problems.

He had only drunk alcohol on five occasions in 20 years, one of them when the incident occurred, but he had no recollection at all.

He was bailed on condition that he does not approach Miss Richards.