ALICE Moulsdale’s warm, twinkling, eyes have seen so much since came into the world on a summer’s day way back in 1905 from the birth of the motor car, electric lighting and television to space exploration and the invention of computers and mobile phones.

She has lived through two World Wars, given birth to seven children and travelled the world. Today as she celebrates her 105th birthday she looks back at her life and remembers.

Raised in Llay, Alice is much travelled and now resides at Ashleigh Court care home in Gresford where a big party is being held to mark her 105th.

As a child Alice used to live at Old Smithy Cottages with her mum Mary, originally from Llangollen, father Richard, a Yorkshireman, four brothers and sister.

They were hard but happy times growing up. Alice’s memories include having to walk to school each day from Llay over to Abermorddu. Once a week she would go to Hope for lessons in cookery.

“I left school at 15 and got a job in Wallasey working for Mr and Mrs Roberts looking after two children and helping around the house,” she said.

Due to work commitments the family moved to Anglesey, and Alice came with them. They employed a young man, Robert, as a chauffeur. Romance blossomed and Robert became Alice’s husband. The couple got married in 1925 and had seven children.

Alice and Robert lived at a number of locations over the years, including time in the South of England.

Travel is something that has featured large for Alice. Throughout her life she has loved to get out and appreciate the beautiful sites of the world.

Alice’s sister Floss emigrated to Canada before World War Two and Alice went to visit her four times. Even at the age of 83 she kept up her globetrotting, going to the Holy Land and being highly impressed with the places of worship.

“I don’t know if I would like to go away anywhere now, like on a cruise. I am very happy where I am. And I am glad to be here in Ashleigh Court,” she said.

“I am lucky to have seen so many things. When I have been abroad I would visit the churches there and they are beautiful. I would always say a prayer.”

Looking back at changes that have taken place in modern times one of the biggest that springs to mind is the amount of household appliances which have been introduced to make domestic life so much easier these days.

But Alice is keen to stress that the households of a bygone era still had plenty of plus points that have not been bettered by the 21st century, such as delicious wholesome food – painstakingly prepared with care and love. Alice has fond memories of her mum busily making lovely loaves of bread at home which tasted gorgeous and were eaten with great relish.

Alice has amassed so many skills over the years which help to turn a house into a home from home. These include her ability to crochet.

“It is something I have always been able to do. I was even able to carry on a conversation. I could see crochet work and keep the pattern in my head and then copy it later.

“I have never been lazy. I remember once I came home when I was in my teens and mother had a pair of lace curtains up. I had made them as a child.”

Revealing the secret of her longevity Alice said: “God has always been good to me, caring and looking after me. That is so important, one of the most important things in my life. It is something I have passed down to my children as well.”

Talking about the times she gets to relax Alice said that she loves reading a good book, particularly if there is a story about the olden days. And she also likes to have a good old soak in a nice bath, run to just the right temperature by the attentive staff at Ashleigh Court.

The home’s manager Sarah Morris said that they had prepared a big party in honour of Alice with family friends and other guests invited to wish her all the very best on such a landmark occasion. Among the attractions Tastebuds in Wrexham’s High Street has donated a special cake.

Summing up Alice and what she means to everyone Sarah said: “She really is an inspiration to us all, a wonderful woman. Her family are very important to her and there are always relatives here paying her a visit. Alice is very popular with everyone.

Alice asked which newspaper the article would be appearing in. A broad smile came over her face when she was told it was the Leader. Alice said she had many happy memories of reading copies of the paper over the years.

Happy birthday Alice!