FLOODING chaos hit Wrexham yesterday after two massive, sustained downpours.

By 5pm some roads looked more like boating lakes as rush-hour motorists struggled to negotiate the flash floods and reach their homes.

Large queues formed on Holt Road, near its junction with Montgomery Road, as cars turned around and sought alternative routes rather than risk driving through the mini-lake which had quickly established itself.

In Deva Way, resident Les Humphreys surveyed the scene, his home surrounded by a virtual moat. “Just look at it. We are housebound by water,” he said.

Neighbour Bev Rodenhurst said: “I am desperately worried about water coming up from the sewers, which is a health hazard.

“This area has had trouble with flooding for years.”

The problems had started earlier in the day with a heavy downpour, which later gave way to a further, extended period of rain.

Among the premises affected was the Passion for Hair salon in Brook Street.

Owner Alison Howell said: “I was by myself attending to customers and putting down towels to try to keep the water out. The rain level got higher and higher and flooding started.

“Every time a car drove along the road, it made things worse by creating waves. I’m going to have to clear it all up now.”.

Paul Fairclough, operational manager with Wrexham Council’s Streetscene section, said: “The forecasted heavy rainfall experienced during midday has resulted in several reports regarding flooding on the highway being received by the environment department.

“The intensity of the rainfall causing capacity problems for existing drainage systems has been the cause in the majority of cases. Environment staff and equipment have been deployed to deal with the flooding reports as they have been received.“

Thankfully forecasters have predicted finer conditions for today.

Rebecca Sherwin from the Met Office said: “There will be some showers but they won’t be as torrential as they have been.

“There will even be some sunshine between showers and a cool breeze which will make it quite pleasant.”