Smile - these workmates could be responsible for Wales’ biggest baby boom!

Staff at Llangollen Dental Practice are greeting news of happy, nappy arrivals on a regular basis.

The special delivery stork is getting plenty of practice in visiting the surgery with no fewer than six female workers either new mums or expecting.

It’s been enough to make them joke that there must be something going in the water – or perhaps the toothpaste.

The sequence began when 28-year-old Leanne Ankers-Phillips, a nurse at the surgery, left to have a baby. Little Summer was born 11 months ago.

Leanne’s younger sister – 22-year-old Sian Coe, who joined the practice this year as a nurse – has become pregnant with her baby due in the new year.

Dentist Navdeep Kaur, 30, is expecting her baby in October. She intends returning to the practice after the birth.

Another nurse, 31-year-old Julie Strange, is set to become a mum in December, while therapist Emma Williams, 28, is due to give birth in the new year.

And nurse Kate Wright, 26, had baby Joshua a month ago. She also plans to return to work.

Practice manager Nick Partington said all at the practice, which has 14 staff in total, are delighted at the baby boom.

He said: “We are mainly a female dental practice and there is a lot of talk about who is going to be next! This is a remarkable coincidence and we have enjoyed loads of laughs about the dentist’s chair, the toothpaste and the air. Yes, even the water.

“I don’t think Llangollen has ever experienced such a sudden baby boom and it happens to be our dental practice right at the centre of it.

“We wish all the girls who are having their babies every success.”

Navdeep said all the recent and expectant mums are being highly supportive of each other.

She added: “We are all very excited and at the same time feeling a bit nervous.

“It has been the source of a great deal of amusement among us, with lots of jokes being made about the reason for it all.”

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