DRUG users have been slammed for discarding syringes and needles on a playing field used by youngsters.

A member of the public stumbled across the drugs paraphernalia when walking his dog on the football pitch at the bottom of Bridge Street in Shotton.

The pitch, owned by Corus, is used by Shotton Steel Football Club.

The dog walker, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “I was out walking my dog and she likes to sniff everywhere.

“She was sniffing in one of the metal dug-outs on the field. I went to drag her away, because I don’t like her going in there, and I saw about half a dozen needles and syringes.”

The area is popular with dog walkers and is regularly used by youngsters from the football club.

Shotton Steel manager Craig Sawyer said: “The kids are on there playing football all the time. We have had instances of beer cans left, but never anything like this.

“We don’t often use the dug-outs, but there are always kids in the vicinity and they could quite easily pick something up.

“We also have a lot of spectators watching when the younger ones are playing and their parents often bring their younger brothers and sisters who are always playing
in the grass. It is very worrying.”

Concerned Shotton councillor Ann Minshull said she would be asking police to patrol the area.

She added: “It’s very worrying that there are syringes and drugs paraphernalia where members of the public are going. I have had no complaints from residents that people are congregating there, but if there is drug activity then I will ask police to patrol the area.”

A Corus spokesman said it would now act to remove the dug-outs.

He said: “It is land that has a public footpath right the way through it so we can’t control who goes on the land and what they get up to.

“They are old dug-outs from yesteryear. We have groundsmen out there every week to maintain the football pitch and they didn’t spot the syringes last week. Now they will keep a closer eye on the situation.

“We’re now taking steps to get the shelters removed though it may take a couple of weeks.

“We would support extra police patrols around that area.”