CHAINSAW-wielding vandals cutting down trees in Chirk could be putting road users at risk a resident has warned.

Part of Colliery Road in Chirk had to be closed on Tuesday morning because a willow tree, which had reportedly been cut through approximately 90 per cent of its circumference, was threatening to fall in the direction of the road.

Police closed the road until a tree surgeon arrived and cut through the remaining 10 per cent. The road was later reopened.

A concerned resident who has asked not to be named said someone could be killed by a falling tree.

They said: “Last week some youths vandalised the trees, they cut one down and it fell across the road.

“They have been making dens in the trees and cutting down smaller trees, but they seem to have graduated up to larger trees.

“The one they have cut now is possibly the largest, if it fell it could kill someone.”

A North Wales Police spokesman said it was not known who was responsible for cutting the trees and so blame could not be apportioned to youths, but added the one that had to be dealt with by the tree surgeon could have caused a fatal accident if it had been left as it was.

John Bradbury, chief environment officer at Wrexham Council, said: “Officers were called to Colliery Road in Chirk following a spate of vandalism to trees in the area.

“Two were destroyed by what appeared to be a chainsaw.

“This type of wanton vandalism will not be tolerated and we appeal to anyone in the area who may know who is responsible to report the matter to their local PCSO.”