EXCITED crowds braved the rain yesterday to celebrate the annual Buckley Jubilee.
Hundreds of people lined the town streets for the 154th Jubilee and the Leader was there to join in the revelry.

The World Cup may be over but the vuvuzela horns lived on as they sounded through the town centre.

Schoolchildren were given the day off to take part in the festivities, which began on Higher Common with hymns and prayers led by church leaders.

A procession led by the Royal Buckley Town Band snaked through the streets with church groups and schools bearing banners following closely behind.

A funfair and a gala of games for the children was also held where food and non-alcoholic drinks were served for hungry gala-goers.

Mum-of-two Janine Mayburn, 40, took a day off work to enjoy the celebrations.

“I come every year,” she told the Leader. “The parade looks a little smaller than last year but it’s still great. The Jubilee is very important to the people of Buckley. It brings the whole community together and there is something for everyone to enjoy.”

It was the first time friends Natasha Roberts, 22, and Rachel Braid, 26, from Merseyside, had taken part in the Jubilee.

Rachel said: “I live in Rock Ferry, Wirral and but have been staying in Buckley for a couple of weeks.

“This is great. I really wish we had something like this in my town.”

Pensioner Cynthia Rowden has lived in Buckley all of her life.

“The highlight for me was the silver band,” she said. “We’ve had a really good turnout despite the weather.”

Buckley Bistre West councillor Neville Phillips bore the banner for the Buckley Cross Methodist Church in the procession.

He said: “It rained virtually all the way through but it was still good. It was a shame about the rain because it put people off coming I think but it was great

Police officers lined the streets to ensure celebrations went smoothly.

PCSO Kim Shurmer said: “We have been making preparations for this for the past two months. It’s an ongoing operation every year and everybody is being well behaved.

“This has been going on for more than 150 years so you think it would have died
out by now but it really hasn’t.”

Jane Youd from Crumbs Sandwich Bar said sales of tea and coffee had also rocketed while festivities were ongoing.

The Buckley Jubilee, traditionally held on the second Tuesday in July, was founded in 1857.