A POLICE inspector has warned of the dangers of playing near water this summer.

The message from Denbigh based Insp Dewi Roberts follows a report in the Leader on Friday of a YouTube video showing youngsters leaping about 30ft into a lagoon in Llangollen.

Insp Roberts said: “I would ask that parents and young people take heed of the dangers of entering rivers or other areas where there is water such as lakes and disused quarries.

“It isn’t just on our coastal areas such as the sea where there is a danger of drowning.

“Many of the rivers are fast flowing and have hidden currents and the water can be extremely cold.

“The depths of the lakes and quarry pools can be deceptive and there may be debris in the water that may be hidden from your view.”

A huge number of videos have been added to video sharing website YouTube showing youngsters jumping into the water on the Horseshoe Pass known locally as the Blue Lagoon.