PRIMARY school children have been reaping the educational benefits of a trip to Normandy to learn about the D-Day landings.

A total of 53 year six students and nine teachers from Mynndd Isa Junior School visited the D-Day commemorations last month, accompanied by veterans from the landings.

School caretaker Colin Jones was able to organise the trip after Martin and Jude Ainscough, founders of Ainscough Crane Hire, donated more than £10,000.

Contributions were also received from Mynndd Isa Community Council and from Wirral and Chester Normandy Veterans Association.

Mr Jones said learning about the campaign was important for the students who visited German and Allied burial grounds, laying a wreath at the British cemetery during the 66th anniversary service.

He said: “We were really pleased with how it went. We all met up again when Martin Ainscough and the veterans came to a special assembly afterwards.

“One of the students, Morgan Probyn, has a brother who was in Afghanistan, so they all had a picture with his medals. It was a special day for everyone.”

Kay Williams, head of year six, said: “We did lots of work beforehand, looking at different soldiers in different cemeteries.

“It gave them a real human insight. They really understood what we were there for and why it was so important younger people remember the sacrifices that were