A WOMAN hit a taxi driver after asking if he would accept a sexual “favour” in return for payment a court was told.

Ceridwen Angharad Gale, of Stockwell Grove, Wrexham, must now sign on the sex offenders’ register after a taxi ride ended in a scuffle.

Wrexham magistrates were told Gale, 43, asked the driver if he would accept a favour instead of money before punching him when he called the police.

Earlier she had grabbed his groin and touched him sexually.

Matthew Ellis, prosecuting, said Gale was drunk when she got in to the Cresta Cabs taxi on February 25.

She was picked up by driver Richard Paul Thomas at the People’s Market car park and told him she wanted to go to Coed Aben.

En route, Gale asked Mr Thomas to go to Stockwell Grove and Mr Thomas said it would cost more money, which she agreed.

Gale then touched Mr Thomas on the hand to which he replied ‘no’.

Mr Ellis said: “She asked him a number of times if he liked her.”

The court was told Gale then put her hand on Mr Thomas’s groin and touched him sexually.

Mr Ellis said: “The driver said he only wanted the money for Stockwell Grove and he tried to drive in a more public area.

“He asked the control office to contact the police.”

Mr Ellis said that as Gale leaned over the gearstick the car was put in reverse and it bumped a car behind.

When Gale tried to flee there was a struggle as Mr Thomas grabbed hold of her until the police arrived.

During the altercation Gale punched Mr Thomas on the hand. Police arrived and Gale was restrained.

During interview she said that on a scale of drunkenness between one and 10 she was a nine and a half. She had had six pints of cider and some shots.

Mr Ellis said: “She did have the money to pay but she believes she made the comment ‘would he like a favour instead of monetary pay?’.

“She said it was a joke.”

Gale was found guilty after a trial in May of sexual touching and assault by beating.

She also admitted failing to surrender to custody at Wrexham magistrates on May 7, the day of the trial, when she was due back in court at 1.40pm but did not appear until 2.15pm.

Euros Jones, defending, said: “It has been three horrendous years for Miss Gale starting with the death of her daughter.

“She turned to alcohol and this offence was committed in drink.

“She was extremely intoxicated and can’t recall it.”

Gale appeared from custody having spent 31 days at Styal Prison in Cheshire.

She was given six months in custody, suspended for 18 months, with the 31 days already served taken off.

She was also made the subject of a supervision requirement and told to stay away from Cresta Cabs for 18 months.

She was told to pay £80 compensation to the driver and court costs of £200.