A CENTURIES-old tree which was a popular local landmark has been given the chop.

The horse chestnut tree near Glan-y-Morfa Court in Connah’s Quay was felled last week after tree surgeons deemed it unsafe.

For about 400 years the tree has been a focal point for the town’s children who would gather there to collect conkers, climb the branches and make swings.

Connah’s Quay councillor Bernie Attridge said he was very sorry to see it go.

He said: “Myself, my dad, my grandfather and my great grandfather have all played by that tree.

“We always reminisce about it at family get-togethers.

“I have had many a fun time in my younger years climbing it for conkers and using it as a swing.

“I’m very sad to see it come down.”

Cllr Aaron Shotton said he was concerned that no-one was told it was facing the axe.

He added: “I’m really saddened to see such a long-standing feature of the high street disappearing and I’m disappointed that there wasn’t any consultation with myself as a councillor to see if we could have found a way to save it.

“That tree is between three and four hundred years old and should have been protected by a Tree Protection Order.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “The horse chestnut tree at Glan-y-Morfa court was felled following an incident on the June 25 when a branch fell from the tree onto the adjacent footpath.

“Evidence of decay at the point where the limb failed and many other areas with cavities and decay throughout the remaining crown of the tree were identified following an inspection by the council’s tree inspector.

“As a result of the inspection the tree was removed for safety reasons taking into account the tree’s location near the footpath and main road.”