A MAN says Wrexham Council’s waste collection regime is leading to maggots breeding in bins across the county.

Peter Jones says the summer weather has meant bins have provided the perfect breeding environment for the loathsome larvae.

Mr Jones, of Oak Alyn Court in Cefnybedd, is calling on the council to introduce changes to collections urgently.

He said: “We have got a grey box that leftover food is meant to be deposited in and the contents of that then goes in the garden rubbish bin, which is collected every
two weeks.

“It is proving to be a breeding ground for maggots, particularly so in this hot weather.

“I’m having to pour in boiling water to try to kill them off. It is unhygienic and needs to be changed.

“We are facing a health hazard, having maggots so close to our back door. Other residents I have spoken to feel exactly the same. There is a lot of concern about it.”

John Bradbury, Wrexham Council’s chief environment officer, outlined the authority’s position.

He said: “Improvements to food waste collections in Wrexham have been introduced by the council. The authority is in the process of supplying all residents with biodegradable bags for their food waste, which can be put into the green bin.

“Every household will receive an instruction leaflet and a starter roll of 20 biodegradable bags. The bags are totally biodegradable so they will compost down quickly at Wrexham’s recycling park which is based on the industrial estate.

“Once they have been used residents can buy further supplies from local supermarkets and shops.”