PLANS for a new supermarket in Wrexham will go before the local authority’s planning committee on Monday .

A total of 350 jobs could be brought to the area if Morrisons are given the green light to build a store on the site of a former council depot on Ruthin Road.

If planning permission is granted, the retailer will join Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s as the last of the so-called ‘Big Four’ supermarkets to move into the town.

A report by chief planning officer Lawrence Isted recommends the proposals, which also include provision for a petrol station and 510 space car park, are granted planning permission.

The store would be developed on a 3.8 hectare site, with a gross floorspace of 7,746 sq metres.

Mr Isted’s report reads: “The proposal competes with other large scale convenience goods retailers such as Asda, Sainsbury and Tesco, but also Aldi and Lidl.

“None of these stores are within defined shopping centres so have no policy protection; it is not for planning to interfere with consumer choice and competition.

“The new store will draw the vast majority of its income from existing large supermarkets in Wrexham, stores which are currently ‘overtrading’.”

He continues: “I am mindful of the fact that the site’s former use – as a 24 hour highway depot – generated a certain level of nuisance to the area.

“It is recognised that the development will generate a significant number of vehicle movements and there is potential that residents on Ruthin Road and Bryn Offa together with the Maelor Hospital may be exposed to poorer air quality through traffic emissions.

“However, I consider that this issue can be addressed and I have attached a condition ensuring that an appropriate air quality assessment shall be undertaken prior to development commencing.”

The former occupants of the land, the council’s environment department, relocated to Wrexham Industrial Estate in 2009 following a review of the authority’s buildings.