A WOMAN from Wrexham says she is terrified she could get a criminal conviction for putting her feet up on a train seat.

Sian Jones, 27, went shopping with her friend to Liverpool last week and the pair initially got the train from Wrexham to Chester before changing onto a Merseyrail service into the city.

Sian, who is due to get married next year and works on Chester Business Park, explained what happened next between Chester station and Liverpool Lime Street station.

“I raised my foot and placed it on the metal bar surrounding the seat opposite me,” she said.

“While I appreciate I shouldn’t have done what I did, I did not expect the repercussions to be so drastic.

“I hadn’t even realised I had done it as I was deep in conversation about my forthcoming wedding.

“I must also add it was a very hot dry day and I had sandals on – no damage or mess had been made on the seat.”

Sian was approached by Merseyrail staff who questioned her and asked her to sign a statement.

“They advised me I will receive a court summons in the post in six weeks,” she said.

“I am at risk of having a criminal record because of an action that I did not even know was against the law,” she continued.

“I am so, so worried about this – I work hard for a living and don’t want this to jeopardise my career.”

Sian, who lives in Brymbo, added: “I am the kind of person who would stand up on a crowded bus or train for an elderly lady to sit down – pretty normal stuff I think but obviously in this day an age this kind of thing is rare. I rarely use public transport and have only been on a train about three or four times in my whole life as I usually drive everywhere – but I will never go on a train again.”

Rudi Boersma, spokesman for Merseyrail, said he could not comment on Sian’s case specifically but said: “If the case does go to the magistrates’ court, the magistrate will take a view and decide whether Sian Jones committed an offence under the national railway byelaws which apply across the UK.

“Alternatively, it is up to Sian to approach us if she gets a summons to see if the circumstances are such that we could agree to settle out of court with her, but again, as I don’t know the circumstances, I don’t know if our prosecutions team would consider this.

“Merseyrail has been targeting anti-social behaviour on our trains and stations as this behaviour can potentially lead to more serious disorder.

“Passengers really dislike anti-social behaviour as it intimidates them and makes them feel unsafe.”