CLAIMS that Flintshire Council vehicles had been misused have been dismissed following an investigation.

Concerns had been raised that some employees were using vehicles for personal benefit.

But David Webster, the council’s head of internal audit, said: “This was an allegation that vehicles had been used for improper use and had been seen in various locations over the weekend.

“What we found was these were vehicles of supervisors who can take vehicles home so they are available at short notice. There was nothing that suggested improper use.”

The results of the investigation were disclosed during a meeting of the council’s audit committee at County Hall yesterday.

Cllr Quentin Dodd voiced concerns about vehicles being driven to quiet locations during lunch breaks.

He said: “I think we have all seen vehicles in places and wondered what work is going on there.”

Flintshire Council is now using tracking technology to monitor the movement of council vehicles.

Mr Webster told the meeting: “The tracking facilities have been put in place and being monitored.”