SNEAK thieves are stealing from the homes of parents who have left the house for just a few minutes to pick up children from school, a policeman claims.

Constable Mick Laidlaw has now called on Wrexham area residents to keep their doors and windows locked when they go out, even in hot weather.

He told Rhosddu Community Council there had been at least five opportunist thefts from homes in the local area. “This has happened even while parents have just popped out to pick up children from schools.”

Community council member Brenda Roberts said: “PC Laidlaw spoke to us of the need to be vigilant at all times, which is a message I would agree with.

“Leaving the house at any time – even if it is just to go out into the garden – presents an opportunity for opportunist thieves.

“The officer told us he had received five reports of thefts from houses, particularly at the Rhosddu end of the area.

“In three of these items had been stolen but there were no signs of any break-in, which means the thieves probably just walked into the house.”

Paul Jones, district inspector for Wrexham North, said daylight robberies were also a concern in his area which covers villages such as Brymbo, Gwersyllt and Rossett.

“It certainly is a worry that people will leave windows and doors unlocked when the sun comes out.

“If someone sees the windows or patio doors open, there are so many things they can grab.

“People think burglaries happen when you’re away on holiday, but most are not like that. Most are people going in through the back door and grabbing a laptop or purse.

“It’s just so easy for the criminals. The bulk of burglaries are where people have left doors unlocked.”